Opening and closing at the Museo de Arte 

There are two worthwhile events this week at the Museo de Arte. Opening on Thursday the 15th at 7pm is Herbadores para Soñadores. This installation in the newly transformed exposition space at the museum is by  Gabriela Zubillaga and curated by Victoria Vinamaragui. 

The following evening. Carla Rippey is giving a talk at the closing of her wonderful retrospective. Entitled Gráfica Reinventada it is also scheduled for 7pm.

I should also mention there are a number of workshops also scheduled this week at the museum. – david sokolec 

Carla Rippey- Resguardia y Resistencia

I am really looking forward to the opening of Carla Rippey’s retrospective  at the Museo de Arte here in Juarez this Friday night. Rippey is the current director of “La Esmeralda”(La Escuela Nacional de Pintura,Escultura y Grabado) and the first woman to hold that position. Although born in Kansas City, she has lived in Mexico since 1973, having fled Chile after the fall of Salvador Allende.
The exposition, covering the years 1976-2016, recently opened at the Museo de Arte Carillo Gil and from all I can gather  it seems a magnificent show which not only demonstrates her extraordinary skill at interweaving photography and printmaking among other artistic talents, but also, and more importantly, shows her interest in preserving her personal memory, exploring the female and cultural cross-currents.
Should be an incredible show ,particularly for those interested in print making and drawing  but also anyone interested in seeing the workl of this important and involved artist.
The opening is set for Friday 17th at 7 pm.
I also want to mention there is still time to see the show Encuentro de Mujeres Artistas at Alianza Francesa. Thirteen local artists combined forces to show 30 pieces in various media. The work shows just some of the remarkable talent here in Juarez, and the wide range of subject matter and media used. It includes a video, and a wonderful installation in a nook just inside the entry which combines music with shell forms hanging from the ceiling into each one of which is delicately inserted a drawing.
The show continues through April 10. -david sokolec




Fallas de Origen-Artists from Colombia

The show Fallas de Origen opens this Friday (July 15) at 7 pm in the Museo de Arte de Juarez with work by Colombian artists in a wide range of media including video, installation and murals, painting among other types.. Curated by Alejandro Luperca Morales, of Proyecto Impala fame, the show’s artists are apparently focusing on some themes which are all too familiar to everyone here in Juarez as well as in Colombia, such as narcowars, problems with housing , and of course some situations which are different such as guerrilla warfare. There was also a desire to break with the usual stereotypes which have been imposed on both places and give a more realistic portrait of  life.
Morales has had extensive experience in Colombia, having studied and shown there as well as his recent residency. So after that residency he arranged for some Colombian artists to come here to show their work.
The piece which gives the show its title (and I want to thank El Diario for this info) was created by Wilson Diaz in 1997 and currently in the collection of the Bank of the Republic of Bogota. It recreates a house  with televisions instead of windows and a garden with cocoa plants instead of the usual garden flowers. It is being recreated here but, (and I find this hysterical,) since there is a legal ban in Mexico on transporting or exhibiting cocoa plants, the “garden” will not be like the original which had 100 cocoa plants, but will have plots of earth.
Although the show itself opens at 7, there are two presentations beforehand. The co-curators TRansHistor(ia) will talk about their work at 4 pm and at 5  the artists will present their portfolios and will have a conversation about their work.
This should be a great show and we don’t get to see enough art from Latin America and especially Colombia which has a rapidly developing important contemporary art scene. So this is a wonderful opportunity to see some exciting work by some committed contemporary Colombian artists.-david sokolec



Proyectos Impala Leaps Forward

After an incredible amount of work, Alejandro Luperca Morales and friends are taking their mobile art gallery, Proyectos Impala, on the road starting today (April 6). Designed as a means of helping inform the public about contemporary art, they will be traveling around the city parking at various locations for a few days at a time. Todaythey will be parking their movable visual feast (to shamelessly steal from Hemingway) at UACJ-Iada from 3 pm where it will be on exhibition until Friday at 8.
Their first exhibition features Kurt Hollander’s La Arquitectura de Sexo with a talk by the artist.
For more information check out their website at sokolec


MACJ offers Climent Retrospective

This Thursday, April 7, the Museo de Arte se Ciudad Juarez opens a retrospective of Enrique Climent. Climent (1870-1980) was born in Valencia, Spain and during the first part of his life was extremely involved with many of the avantgarde European artists of the early 20th century. He was a professor of art as well as an illustrator and political cartoonist. The Spanish Civil war put paid to that life and he went into exile in Mexico in 1939.
This was not an easy time for him either personally or artistically. He had a singular artistic vision and was extremely attached to Spain. When he had the chance he went back to Spain, but realized he had reached a point where he didn’t fit into Spain and really didn’t fit into Mexico, but nevertheless returned to Mexico where he lived and worked until his death in 1980. The 50’s and 60’s were generally considered some of his most productive times where he experimented with abstraction and other ideas while working to maintain his own distinctive vision.
This show opened at the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico last year, and there the show consisted of an enormous quantity of drawings, cartoons and other works. Curated by his daughter Pilar Climent, the show fully revealed the full sweep and work of the painter through the decades from the early Spanish years to the productive Mexican ones of the 50’s and 60’s.
The opening is scheduled for 7 pm.-david sokolec

But Can He Tie a Bowtie?

Internationally renowned Mexican sculptor Sebastian, famous locally for his humungous X sculpture in Juarez and his Aguacero sculpture at the international bridge in El Paso  and the new Esfera Cuantica Tlahtolli on the UTEP campus, is showing  a something of a retrospective of 53 works at the El Paso Museum of Art .

Called Knot: The Art of Sebastian, it illustrates through a variety of  media his ongoing  exploration of meshing geometric formations, technology and physical science with sculptural forms. This exploration has been an integral part of his work. When he last gave a talk at EPMA, he demonstrated the importance of  geometric forms to work.  Obviously this has only deepened and developed over the years and he is now on to Quantic and parallel universe sculptures.
The show opens tomorrow (feb 23) and the next day Sebastian will give a talk open to the general public at 7 pm. On Saturday there will also be a family day with Sebastian.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso.-david sokolec

Prints of the desert

My friend Karl has been bouncing around the Southwest like a pinball for a number of years trying to create a conversation among artists in the area. Because he likes prints-they’re portable and generally more affordable than other media- one of his projects was to get prints from artists in Tucson and El Paso. He showed these at Chalk the Block a few years ago,  and a selection is opening tonight (Friday 29TH) at Juárez Contemporary 4105 November 20th at 6pm.
His current major project, opening. Sunday at the El Paso museum of art, is
“The Desert Triangle carpeta”. For this he commissioned 30 artists from Tucson,  Albuquerque and El Paso to each make a print in an edition of fifty on any theme. Some of these were printed in Mexico City at 75 grados,  and during a presentation on April 14th he is going to try to bring some of those printers up to make a live presentation. Another goal is to give local artists greater exposure, so in addition to shows all over the Southwest, and a few in Mexico, he is tqaking this up to a national print show in Portland , Oregon in March.-david sokolec