Art on and from the border-what this is about-Porque este blog

Welcome to our Border.
Art on the corner of LP and J (El Paso-Juarez) is so much more than the stereotyped images of overly saturated colors and cutesy images that it is time for people who have not visited to start realizing everything we have going on here, and it is time those of us who live here to start appreciating all of our talent. It is also crucial that those of us on both sides of the border start finding out about what the other is doing.
I would like this to be a real dialogue as well as something of a calendar for people on both sides of the border to connect with each other-to share what’s happening. We need to start talking about art here and also I want to bring together cutting edge artists as well as established galleries both of whom have for too long been isolated from each other. I will also be writing reviews and discussions of who is doing what in both cities.
What I need from you is feedback and information. How we can we make this better, and how can we make people stop and take a look at everything we have here and say wow instead of when is the next plane leaving.
Hope you like it and hope you will give me a hand with this-david sokolec

One Response to “Art on and from the border-what this is about-Porque este blog”

  1. Floyd Johnson Says:

    Hi David! I met you at the previous Public Art Committe and thought you’d be interested in the following art show that we will be having next Thursday (December 13), 5 pm – 9 pm. It’s our annual Holiday show and it will be at 5446
    NORTH MESA, SUITE D, 79912. There will be 17 adult students and also painting from child artists. Last year we sold about 23 original paintings ranging from $200 to $4000 in about 4 hours. Hope to see you there.



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