A Different Kind of Border Fence

Of course this weekend is Chalk the Block, with all kinds of great activities going on incluiding Caldo Collective’s Stand With Me performance, but I want to mention an event taking place out on the border between Douglas, Arizona and Aqua Prieta, Mexico. An art collective called Postcommodity is positioning 28 tethered “scare-eye” balloons 25 feet above the ground in an area that is apparently the geographical center of the US-Mexico border. Called repellentfence, the balloons contain symbols of an ineffective bird scaring product, and the colors are those used by indigenous people throughout the western hemisphere. The collective wants to initiate dialogue and interchanges between different groups throughout the Americas. This installation,  is the largest bi-national art installation ever erected in the region will be up throughout this weekend.(9-12). Seems like a great group and project, and more importantly that certain people in El Paso and Juarez should definitely contact them and get something going over here.-david sokolec


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