Caldo Collective-Taking it to the Streets

A group of artists in El Paso who want to not only support local artists both in terms of venues and  financially , but to involve the community at large in the arts,  set up a collective to do just that.  The Caldo Collective began last year with  various activities such as the frijol feast to provide financial support as well as an exchange of ideas with other interdisciplinary artists.

This Saturday ( July 11) , starting at 7:30, they are presenting the inaugural project of the Transient Triangle Project, called “Stand by Me.” Taking place in the Manhattan Heights neighborhood at Gold and Elm, artists from various disciplines are going to put in the streets their interpretation of a specific poem. The intention as I understand it, is to immerse the visitor in a block long multimedia event designed not simply to allow the visitor a chance to look at but to become enveloped by the various interpretations
Much more about the Collective, their goals and activities and the Transient Triangle Project can be seen at their website where they give a much fuller explanation of their ambitious and extremely worthwhile activities.-david sokolec


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