Mexico City=Contemporary Art this week

It seems Mexico City is the place to be for contemporary art this week. Not only is there the huge and important Zona Maco fair going on, but the city  has also started Visual Art week during which there are huge multimedia hi tech art installations all over the city as well as conferences and workshops.

There are also a host of other fairs and exhibitions set up to coincide with Zona Maco. Salon Acme is not really a gallery, but rather an organization established to promote talented artists from all over the country. They have an exhibit once a year, (timed this year to coincide with all of the other art events going on in the city) which includes an invited State. They choose curators from that State to help them select local artists, and this year it was Chihuahua’s turn. The local curators were Alpha Escobeda and Teresa Margolles. So congrats to all of the artists who were selected.

Artspace magazine, writing about contemporary art in Mexico City interviews  ex-Chicagoan Brett  Schultz on his Material Art fair, which he is building into a promising venue with a strong New York presence and a variety of highly experimental artistic propositions as well as a space for smaller, less established nternational and local galleries tio show.
In all, it seems that DF is where I wish I was, and more importantly it shows the continuing growth of that city as an important venue for contemporary asrt.-david sokolec


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