656 Comics up for one more week

Want to remind everyone that the 656 comics exhibition is up just until Sept 7 at the CCPN. The exhibition was put up as a part of the 10th Chihuahua festival, but it also celebrates 10 years of their existence. The name, of course, comes from the city code for Juarez and much of the work was created as a response to the local environment., and to enable the artists to explore feelings and thoughts in relation to the often problematical events of the city.

The exhibit is packed with an enormous display of work encompassing all facets of their work. Many of the background walls are covered with enormous cartoon characters and there are large freestanding walls each of which  features a larger than life representation of some of the characters in vivid acrylics.
In smaller and larger forms, we are introduced to a wide variety of characters including the Zombie Kid and Border Punk, and although the standard violent scenes are shown, there are also works which show the violence which can happen to the heart in relationship issues. The comics really explore a wide range of issues and themes, some of which are universal and some of which are more locally related.
This is really an impressive show, and as anyone who has tried their hand at this, there is an enormous amount of work involved in these densely packed drawings. For those who can’t get to the show, the group has a website, (natch) at 656 comics.com where there is a large archive and downloads available in some cases for free. -david sokolec



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