No Lugares: magnifico

The Beatles once sang “There are places I remember ..” and here in Juarez there are places all over the city which once were full of life and which e hold memories of others times, of past fiestas, past loves, but are now abandoned  often only shells of their former selves.  In an effort to explore these “no lugares” and the issue of memory and, for that matter, what is important in a cityscape, as well as a desire to resuscitate at least in memory these places and the people who live there, a group of artists worked long and hard giving workshops in a variety of artistic disciplines to people in order to let them record, recollect and revive in a certain way these areas which still hold  memories of a time that was.
The fruit of these months of work were on display Friday night at the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte in a show called No Lugares, una frontera llamada Juarez, and obviously the long work paid off because it was a wonderful show which was greatly appreciated by a huge crowd at opening night.
The show included photographs from all over the city like those of Cine Victoria, and Tin Tan’s house, there were paintings, installations, videos and brilliant conceptualisations like a a map of the city in sections with each section composed of  written memories which the visitor was invited to take home or a group  of open lockers filled with notebooks full of drawings which could be perused by visitors.
An excellent show and a credit to Brenda Ceninceros,  who coordinated this huge effort, Alukandra Koronada, and all the others who worked so hard on it and especially to the volunteer artists  who helped make this show such a success. It is going to be up at CCPN until April22, openfrom 12-6 , and then at least portions will be shown around town including Loftlight studio in El Paso in June.  There is also, of course, a facebook page at No Lugares.-david sokolec


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