Memory and Resistance-the Art of Guerra

The current exhibit at the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte (ccpn)”Resistencia a La Disolucion Simbolica de la Memoria “is an attempt by artist Olga Guerra to actively involve families who have lost loved ones in the recent wave of violence to keep the spirit of those who died alive.  As there seems to be little in the way of official means of providing closure, or otherwise helping these families, Olga wanted do something so she worked with families to help them create ways to recover their loved ones. In some cases this was by means of finding out where their favorite spot in the house was, and then making a portrait of that, in other cases through writing poems which evoked their spirit.  This  exhibit has photos not only of individuals, but also of favorite locations, or favorite items as well as poems written to them and a few videos and archives.There are explanations attached to the displays.
The show is up only until the 24th of this month.
The famous quote that truth is the first casualty of war is certainly true of our recent past and particularly the way this city has been portrayed in recent years. In part as a way to help take control of our own portrait and to tell our own stories a group of artists are beginning a free Taller de Creatividad  to begin next month.
Called Recorriendo Los No Lugares De La Frontera, it is designed to allow people not only to create art, but more importantly  to create a dialogue and evoke meomories and reflections on the  “no lugares” of the city.  Scheduled to start on Feb 8, info will be made available on Feb 1 and those interested are asked to request info and sign up at -david sokolec


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