Busy Thursday

Today, Thursday, is a busy day for arts on the border.  First of all there is the last Thursday artwalk in both El Paso and Juarez. (I understand that in Denver their First Friday turned into such a see and be seen scene, that they have begun a third Friday for those who actually want to look at the art.)
The other main event is over at the Rubin Center where they are having a huge event featuring Mexico City based artist Jose Antonio Vega Macotela with something of a retrospective of his work. It features two main bodies of work including a recent piece Called The Mill of Flesh, the Drop of Blood which was developed with a grant from the Harpo Foundation. He works with people who might be considered marginalized like prisoners, and mineworkers in South America, exchanging his time for objects from them including apparently wads of cocoa leaf balls, cigarette droppings from prison floors, etc  this in exchange for favors he will do for them such as attending birthday parties for the offspring of prisoners. Complicated business. 
Equally important is the work of artist in Residence in Albuquerque Szu’Han Ho in a work called Call and Response. She also interacts with people as a opart of her work, and there wilkl be performances throughout the opening. 
The thing that for me is most interesting is that she has arranged for a skype link with Sada Contemporary art in Iraq to have a dialogue between artist here and there. Good stuff. David Sokolec


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