Rubin Center film and talks

For those who missed the Del Corazon film festival movies shown last week in Juarez and El Paso, the Rubin center is giving you another chance today (Thursday 5) at 4 pm.
They are also sponsoring a series of talks on the State of the Arts. I got my notice too late to mention yesterday’s talk on El Paso (though from the participants I believe it focused on downtown development), but next Wednesday there will be a talk by four key people from Marfa. Tim Johnson from the Marfa Book company, Erin Kimmel from Ballroom Marfa, Nicholas Miller from the Chinati foundation and Caitlin Murray from Judd foundation will be on hand to discuss the state of things over there. There will also apparently be a chance after the discussion to go to another local venue for more informal discussions. Incidentally, the art newspaper is doing a special feature on Texas for their November issue, and sent out a scouting party in advance. The results, including a stop in Marfa is currently posted online.
The next Wednesday on the 18th, there will be a discussion with artists from Juarez. These include Victoria Martinez Aguirre of the recently reopened Gun Gallery, Abril Castro of Espaces Commune, Alejandro Morales, and Gustavo Ruiz from the collectivo Punta de Lanza.
These talks will be in the Rubin Center auditorium and start at 6 pm. -david sokolec


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