Curator as Translator

Traditionally curators were generally bright young well-educated things who held positions as underpaid nursemaids to works of art in an institutional setting. With the rise of the independent curator and increasingly intense explorations of exhibition practices, the role of the curator has gained increasing significance to the point where one has begun to think of the curator in terms similar to that of the film director during the years when the auteur theory was being widely developed and promulgated.
I bring all of this up because tomorrow night (Thursday 11) the Museo de Arte de Juarez is featuring a talk by curator, critic and docent Haizea Barcenilla of the Universidad del Pais Vasco in Spain. Entitled La Curaduria como Traduccion (Curating as translation.), this free lecture comes at the end of a workshop presented this week for those working in the field. It will be held at 7 pm in the museum.
This is actually the first of a series of workshops and lectures on variuous aspects of art which will be held over the next several months as a preparation for an exhibiton to be held in October called Espacios Comunes which will feature the work of various local collectivos and an explloration of their interaction with the community at large. Interesting stuff. The lecture and the workshops are sponsored by the museum the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, and CONACULTA. The only problem is that it is also the opening of the Theater in the City festival so some of us are going to be torn between two great venues. -david sokolec


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