Theater Mitu explores Juarez/El Paso Mythology

This Sunday (July 7) at UTEP’s Rubin Center, experimental and adventurous New York based theater group Theater Mitsu will be presenting the culmination of a two year intensive investigation of our border region, incorporating interviews, experiences, and research. They are calling it Juarez- a documentary Mythology and it is designed to explore myths, legends experiences etc of people from our region.  The founding director of the group Ruben Polendo was raised in Juarez and the group has done theater work with organizations from all over the world. The performance will be at 7 pm and is free.
There will also be two performances in Juarez, one on July 12 at 7 and the other the next night July 13 at 10 pm at the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte in the Octavio Trias theater. These will also be free but you need tickets and the theater holds around 300.
At the Rubin Center there will also be an art installation that features an audio sculptural event as well as photos, sound recordings, etc  that both documents and complements the performance.  This is scheduled to be on display from July 25-Sept 14 in the downstairs Project Space.
Info on all of thiscan be found at the Theater Mitu website (, on the facebook page , and at the Rubin Center website ( david sokolec


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