Last Thursday comes to Juarez

For a couple of months now downtown El Paso has been the setting for a successful “Last Thursday” art walk with various restaurants and art spaces taking part. According to a report in El Diario, a local Juarez group is expanding the event internationally, and tomorrow night will have the first opening at three locations here in Juarez. The group is named BAZART and according to spokewoman Brenda Ceniceros (whiose installation at CUDA I recently reviewed) the shows will open simultaneously at Asenzo, Alquimia Pizza and El Garces with skype connection linking all three venues. They are hoping to make this a truly international event, expanding the dialogue between the two cities as well as delinking the art from the control of more traditional instutions. More power to them.
It is scheduled to start at 7. If you are really ambitious you can go to both sides of the border, although the line waits at the border might make that a bit unwieldly. -david sokolec


4 Responses to “Last Thursday comes to Juarez”

  1. Books Twenty-One, Twenty-Two and Twenty Three 2013 | Lost In A Million Pages Says:

    […] I have been putting together, along with my wife and some friends, an art expo that links two cities in two countries, Ciudad Juárez in México and El Paso in the United States. The last post of my blog is actually a re-blog from a very king gentleman who has taken the time to write about this project, Mr. David Sokolec. You can see the original post here: […]


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