EPMA sculpture inauguration

Tonight (Thurs. June 6) there is going to be a dedication for the new sculpture currently in front of  the El Paso Museum of Art. Titled Identidad Geometrica by Peruvian born Mexico City based sculptor Oswaldo Sagastegui, the work was a gift to the museum by  Dr Roberto and Reina Assael
I saw this artist’s work for the first time last winter when he had a show at the museum,  His work might be considered very commercial (which means many people might want to buy it) but it has a lot going on. Playing with trompe l’oeil, color, movement and geometric abstraction, there seems to be either a conscious or perhaps unconscious referencing of the Italian futurists who were working with much the same theme in the early part of the 20th century.
Or maybe he is just having a lot of fun. This sculpture contains this sense of movement through geometry and color, but it also evokes for me a huge carnival type bowtie, and I have been resisting the almost overwhelming urge to draw large tuxedo buttons and lapels on the pavement in front of it, but that’s just me. The dedication is at 6:30.-david sokolec

Sculpture 2


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