Young Graffitti artists show their stuff

Congratulations to the 35 artists and artist teams who strutted their stuff  yesterday at the Benito Juarez monument  here in Cd Juarez during the weekly art at the Monument Sunday event.. According to news reports,this was the fruit of a second round of graffitti events called Coloniarte sponsored by Alianza Juvenil  and under the overall umbrella of Expo Joven which has included theater as well as two rounds of graffiti programs. Each team was given a huge board to work on and the results were quite amazing.
But I have ot say the star of this afternoon was not really the artists, but this amazing rapper. Obviously I should have a video but I don’t so you’ll have to use your imagination. He was great, the crowd standing three deep was enthralled, and it all made me glad once again that I’m here.
Here is his photo, as well as a few of the  murals.-david sokolec

rapper closeup

t'amo muralP1110242gente es cultura



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