Semana de la Mujer at Museo Arqueologia

In honor of Friday’s International Dia de la Mujer, the Museo de  Arqueologia at the Chamisal here in Juarez sponsored an exhibition of local artists who created a diverse exploration of art on the subject of being a woman. This is actually also a contest with visitors to the museum able to vote on their favorite piece. The winner to be revealed Saturday. (Please don’t stuff the ballot box).
I found the show intriguing because I expected to see a preponderance of works on canvas, silly me, but instead I was greeted with a variety of wonderful installations, altars, elaborate dresses, as well as some canvases. Interpretations on the theme varied widely with some presenting more traditional interpretations of femininity, others creating tributes to  female family members as well as to their own existence.
Earnest, -creative , -a wonderful show up through Saturday.
There is also a Facebook page devoted to the show: -David Sokolec
Mi espacio
Mi Espacio -Ana Trevizo.



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