Rubin Center Opening

Want to mention the three new shows opening at the Rubin Center this Thursday Jan. 24. All three seem to be related to urban promises turned sour. South African photographer Guy Tillim is showing “Avenue Patrice Lumumba” focusing on the  street in the Congo named for the first elected leader of the Republic of Congo who was later arrested and murdered in a coup. The dashed hopes for the country can be seen reflected in this now blighted street.
Argentine born conceptual artist Maximo Gonzales is preoccupied with international currency  and raw material fluctuations and the dominant nature of war. He reflects this concern through the use of found objects, detailed handwork and performance pieces.. His show here “Magnificent Warning” will feature a site specific commissioned work consisting of light elements suspended from the ceiling.
Finally, well-known Juarez  photographer Julian Cardona is showing photos of the Avenue Mariscal that once was. As most people here know, it was once a street  filled with bars, restaurants and nightlife and is now what one might call in transition-mainly all the bars and restaurants have been torn down in the name of building something new though there seem to be no funds or definite plans revealed yet.
The opening is from 5-7:30.-david sokolec


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