Forget the Art-There be Lattkes

The recently opened Purple Pop-up gallery is having a special treat this Thursday night. They are having a Lattkes special dinner  with three chefs cooking these Chanukah staples. (Lattkes, for those of you who don’t know are potato pancakes, but calling them by that name is a little like calling Tres Leches three milk cake-accurate but somehow just wrong). The event starts at 7 pm with a menorah lighting scheduled for 7:45 and the dinner at 8.
This gallery is yet another effort by super energetic Peter Schvarzbein to help fan the embers of creativity in the city. Located at 210 Mills st almost across from the Post Office in a former photo shop,  the plan is to have a variety of exhibitions between now and its planned closure in February. The next show will be given over to an organization focused on immigration rights and after that one focused on artists from Mexico.
The gallery is currently featuring urban art in a variety of media as well as a selection of  what might be called designer T-shirts. More power to Peter for his efforts and hopefully more people will get the idea that pop-up galleries or other places where people can sell urban art without making a huge financial committment can help make downtown happen. There is certainly a renewed energy due in large part to city oriented artists and entrepreneurs who have at least temporarily left Juarez for El Paso.
In addition to the events listed above, there is also going to be a talk tomorrow night at 7 at the gallery by Dutch photographer Teun Voeten who has photographed conflicts around the globe, but who in 2009 focused on the Juarez drug violence and specifically how it affected children. He has produced a video documentary as well as a book entitled NarcoEstado Drug Violence in Mexico which he will also be presenting on Thursday night at the Ruben Center on the UTEP campus  at 6 pm. -David Sokolec

(Correction for the address on Mills, not Main as originally posted.)


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