A Project Fit for the Man of La Mancha

Plaza Cervantina has been up until now  a pretty little unappreciated gem of a square which fell on very hard times. For the past number of years it was home to a variety of sordid activities, and generally a place to avoid .
For the past little while, however, a group known as Punta de Lanza have been diligently working to spruce up and restore the area. Despite a lack of funds, they have begun by painting murals referencing works by Cervantes, whose bust looks out on to the square, no doubt approvingly at the changes being wrought. According to news reports, they have plans to open performance spaces, galleries as well as a coffee house. This Saturday (Nov 3) they are planning a huge party beginning around 3 or 4 to celebrate the venture.
Those who wish to contribute funds and find out more can do so at the website http://www.fondeadore.mx which seems to be a Mexican version of kickstarter. Scroll to “Rescate  de la Plaza Cervantina- david sokolec


2 Responses to “A Project Fit for the Man of La Mancha”

  1. Richard Baron Says:

    An historical footnote: During the mid 1980’s, quite a few artists maintained studios in Plaza Cervantina and a gallery opened by a couple named de la Pena opened Gallery Rayennare there. Quite a few exhibits were held there featuring artists from both sides of the border exhibiting together. As a matter of fact — and contrary to what some self-serving revisionists claim — the very first Juntos exhibit was mounted there and was such a success that it was expanded upon and moved to The Custom House in Juarez in an exhibit that was also called Juntos. A similar exhibit was then mounted in a storefront on Mesa featuring both El Paso and Juarense artists, both Hispanics and Gringos. It wasn’t until a year or two after that that an exhibit also called Juntos was mounted at The Chamizal but was exclusive of Gringos and “Juntos”, contrary to its name, became the Chicajo-art advocacy it strives to be today.


  2. dsart Says:

    Richard- Thanks for the info. Hopefully the area will rise again


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