ISEA-Art, Tech and Albuquerque

I’m looking at a large program which indicates to me that anyone interested in the confluence of art and technology should consider heading to Albuquerque this week for the 6 day ISEA2012 conference titled Machine Wilderness. ISEA, (formerly International Symposium on Electronic Arts) was founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and is devoted to organizing seminars in a different international location every year which bring together international academics, scientists and art practitioners who are interested in the ongoing exchange between art and technology. This is the 18th seminar, and although the conference itsef runs from Sept 19-24, there are exhibitions and related programs which will, in some cases, run for the rest of the year in various galleries and exhibition spaces.
Although the conference  costs 150 for a day pass and 450 for the full six days, there seem to be a huge number of events for the general public, such as Sunday’s block party, which are free or at a relatively minimal cost.
The organizing sponsor in Albuquerque is the non-profit 516 arts group, which is partnering with the University of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.
There are also going to be related events in Santa Fe and Taos as well as all over the Albuquerque area.
I’m not going to go through all of the events and exhibitions listed, but there are a number of sub-themes such as  power, Creative economies, and radical cosmologies among others as well as  focus areas including  a Latin American forum and the STEMArtsEducation program sponsored by Intel.
There is going to be a concert by Laurie Anderson as well as some really extraordinary looking exhibitions and creative interplay using technology to explore a variety of artistic themes. There is for instance something called a Gambiocycle by Fred Paulino and Lucas Mafra from Brazil. There are apparently lots of bicycling salesmen in that country, and this plays on that theme with this mobile broadcasting unit. It is described as a tricycle containing electronic gear for interactive video projection  and digital graffiti in public space.
The Rubin Center at UTEP in El Paso, which held a preconference event last Sunday is sponsoring a project called SEFT-1 by Ivan Puig and Andres Padilla Domene, which is a specially based vehicle capable of riding on railroad tracks. They rode through the abandoned tracks in Mexico taking video and photos. For the exhibition the vehicle is travelling across the Mexico US border to Albuquerque. Videos from this project are currently on view at the Rubin Center and the Centenniel Museum on the UTEP campus.
The event brings artists from all over the world and it really does look incredible. Here are a number of relevant websites for more information:        ENJOY-david sokolec




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  1. Luis Says:

    Hi David, I’m happy to hear from you! Luis (Nieto Dickens)


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