Art Events in Juarez and El Paso

There are a couple of arts related events this week and next I’d like to mention.

Wednesday, Aug 29, Sean Caulfeld is giving a talk about his work in the Fox Fine arts center rm 151 from 12-1. His work is currently on exhibit at the Rubin Center and I have to say I find his quietly elegant and precise drawings extremely appealing. Playing with ideas derived from science the show Imagining Science: Prints and Mixed media drawings ends this week.

There is also Border Beat Showcase from 4-7 at the Rubin Center which features info about upcoming shows, etc as well as music from the Border beat competition winners.

Thursday Aug 30

In Juarez at the MUREF, there is a lecture with photographer Monica Lozano, who spearheaded the INSIDE OUT project in Juarez currently on exhibit at the museum, and Philosopher and writer Samuel Rodriguez from University of Granada. The show is entitled, logically enough Filosofia y fotografia-el alma en un instante (Philosophy and Photography-the soul in an instant). This is at 7 pm.
I should mention that Thursday is also the start of the 2nd annual Juarez writers gathering which is featuring a link with writers in Spain, and France as well as other places. The  opening is at the Centro Municipal de Artes (formerly the old Municipal Palace) at 11 am. Lots of the events the following day will be at the Convention Center in Cibeles. The event is being sponsored by el Norte newspaper so they should have info about the events.

Next week from the 5th -7th at El  COLEF  there will be what should be an extraordinary presentation called Jornadas Artisticas, Mujeres Seguras a traves de la cultura. This seems to be a presentation of the ways in which both academic women and women artists have dealt with the recent violence and upheaval going on here through means of artistic representation.  Unfortunately the information I have been given does not give me times, but you can contact the Colegio at 3708 Avenida Insurgentes at (656) 616-8578, and if I get more info I will pass it along.

I’m sure there’s more going on but this is what I have at the moment. -david sokolec


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