Art show and lectures Thursday

Once again the El Paso Museum of Art and the Rubin Center have events on the same day. Were both art openings, this wouldn’t be a problem, but when one is a lecture and the other an opening, it means one has to choose or prioritise. For those of us who like to preserve our cake while simultaneously consuming it , this is moderately annoying. In any case, both seem worthwhile.

At EPMA, art historian Dr. Karen Cordera Reiman is lecturing on Gesture, Style and Function in Modern Mexican Drawing 1900-1950. This is of course a complement to the Dibujos Drawing show currently on view. Dr. Reiman has lived in Mexico since 1982, is a lecturer at UNAM, and Universidad Iberoamericana (Can we ask questions about the recent Pena Nieto visit?)as well as an author of numerous publications on 20th and 21st century Mexican art. She also has extensive experience as a curator and adviser. 
So her lecture will revolve around the drawings in the exhibit in the context of the artistic and political ambience of the time surrounding the Mexican Revolution.
The free lecture begins at 6.

Over at the Rubin Center, there will be three shows. Mark Bradford, California based artist who has won all sorts of awards including a MacArthur fellowship, is drawing his largest painting to date on the Rubin center’s 40 foot wall. Entitled ” With That Ass They Won’t Look At Your Eyes”, it is actually a meditation of the 10 amendments to the Constitution, specifically the freedom of the press, and  (I’m paraphrasing  the press release here) the way the press has negatively portrayed immigrants and the immigrant question to such an extent that intelligent conversation on the subject is nearly impossible. There is also a video installation entitled “Niagara” referencing the Marilyn Monroe movie, but featuring the backside of his neighbor Melvin.
For those who cannot attend the opening, or even for those who can, Mark will also be giving a talk at noon that day.
The other two shows opening at the center are El Flow: Cross-border Youth Culture in Conversation and Imagining Science: Prints and Mixed Media Drawings by Sean Caulfield.
The opening reception is from 5-7:30, and the shows continue until August 31.-david sokolec


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