Regina Silveira shines at Rubin Center

I first fell in love with Brazilian artist Regina Silveira’s work a few years ago when I saw her work” Encuentros”at Zona Maco in Mexico City. I found these large black cutout forms of humans and various tools elongated like shadows on a wall particularly satisfying. So I was excited when I learned she was to have a show at the Rubin center.
She did not disappoint. There are several of her pieces here in a show called Limits, but I think the star is the site specific piece she entitled Coyotes, a name replete with multiple meanings and which she correctly thought particularly apt for our border.
The gallery is filled with black cutout coyote pawprints:they cover the floor, the wall and one feels completely surrounded by them. They might appear to have been randomly placed in the gallery, but I was told that there was, in fact, a very specific diagram for each and every one which was carefully followed.
Coyote paw prints might not sound like very much, but when one is in the large gallery space, one can either reflect on all of the multiple interpretations of the word, and the various type of coyotes who travel through our desert space; one can simply surrender oneself to the images on all sides or because the prints ascend the wall one can simply stare at them until like staring at the sea one can simply lose oneself in the space between the prints and the seeming unstoppability of them.
The show is up until December 10.
I also want to say something else about the Rubin Center. I just got a note that Nicola Lopez recently was given the opportunity to transform the interior of the Guggenheim to share her particular exploration of urban landscape, forcing people to physically walk though her work.
Awhile ago, this artist was part of a show at the Rubin Center and she  is just one of the many, many people who have shown at the center and then either gone on, or continued,  to make a huge contribution to the contemporary art dialogue. I am just wondering if people in the UTEP community, as well as the larger border community, appreciate the opportunity we have been given to see some exciting cutting edge art by some important and perhaps soon to be important artists. I’m not sure anyone really understands the gift this has been. I say this as one who has not always been enthralled with works shown, but I nevertheless appreciate the fact it is here, particularly since no one else seems to be doing anything else even remotely comparable. -david sokolec

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