Latin American Artists influence in the World

There are  (at least) two new shows and programs exploring the cross border explorations of Latin American artists and their influence on and from the rest of the world.

Sicardi Gallery in Houston is opening its fall season this Saturday, Sept 10 with a show of works on paper by four Latin American artists who moved beyond the borders of their own country and who also pushed the boundaries of  non-figurative art. The show features  Argentinian artists  Antonio Asis, and Manuel Espinosa as well as Brazilian artist Servulo Esmeraldo, all of whom either moved to Paris or travelled there in the 50’s,  The fourth artist, Argentinian born Antonio Lizarraga moved to Brazil in 1959. Info can be found at Sicardi Gallery’s website

The  Smithsonian is hosting a symposium October 5 and 6 which is exploring the interrelation of artists in North and South America. As their press release correctly points out,  the two regions have been studied separately, as though there was never a give and take between the two regions. With the renewal of interest in Latin American art (something which seems to happen every couple of decades, I must say) there has also been the realization that there was much more of an interconnection than hes been previously acknowledged. The seminars are going to be webcast and archived so that even if you can’t go, you can still access the contents. Information at the Smithsonian site.- david sokolec


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