Has Google been reading my blog?

My last post a few days ago  referenced  Alexander Calder’s mobiles, and today they have created an archetypal Calder  mobile on their front page which you can move with your mouse. Any connection? Absolutely none. They are celebrating his 113th birthday with the movable mobile apparently created (according to artinfo.com)  with html5 (rather than flash, for those of you who care about such things).
Well done. I want to add my birthday wishes as well along with a memory of seeing him in Chicago in the mid-70’s. My appreciation for him soared when,   celebrating of the arrival of his mobile for what was then called the Sears Tower, and a sculpture for the Federal building, the city gave him a huge parade down State street, and Calder waved to the crowd from atop his throne on a cart pulled by the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Perhaps not the same as when the “Doors of Paradise” by Ghiberti were paraded through the streets of Renaisance Florence, but I always thought it was a perfect way for art and artists to be celebrated in the city.

If we can celebrate the birthday of Calder, news comes of the death of the incredibly influential Lucien Freud. Much ink and digital words and images will be spilled over this event and I don’t wish to add more, other than to mourn his passing.-David Sokolec


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