Some art events in El Paso- juarez

This week (6-12), many of us are awaiting the Caravan of Peace led by poet Javier Sicilia. There will be a huge march and speech at the Benito Juarez monument on Friday, the 10th at 5;30 pm. There are plans for a contingent from El Paso to join with a group meeting at the Armijo library branch at 8th and Campbell before marching over Stanton Street bridge. for those not eager to go to Juarez, Sicilia will be in El Paso the next day at a rally at San Jacinto plaza at 11 am. Television images of the buses wending their way along the route from Morelia are impressive, and it should be extremely interesting to hear what he has to say.

Aside from that there is also what promises to be an extremely interesting show at the El Paso museum of Art opening Sunday 12th. Sponsored in part by Aperture, the show Paul Strand in Mexico will exhibit photos this important social realist photographer took in Mexico during the early 30’s and again in 1966. Seems the Mexican government gave him free reign to tour Mexico, and provided all sorts of assistance.  There was such governmental help in fact that when he made a film called Redes in 1936, a film which has been restored and will be shown at the exhibition, it was labeled a propaganda film by American magazines. There is an accompanying book for this show, which includes the film as a dvd. The show also contains various notes, etc. and will have a fee of $5.00.

Although it is not strictly visual art, this is a reminder that the annual theater festival in Juarez begins on the 10th and runs through the 18th. It will be held at the Juarez auditorium located next to Parque Borunda.

There is probably more, but that’s what I’ve got for the moment-david sokolec


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