Juarez artist in Berlin Show

Wanted to congratulate Leon de la Rosa, videographer and ewordist extraordinaire, and his partner in all things Gabrielle Duran for being accepted in the show Between Windows. This is a coproduction between Berlin based galleries Side by Side Studio and Mindpirates. The show was open to Latin American artists and wanted an exploration of Latin America through time based media.Leon’s work en Xilio explores  (and I am seriously only giving a hint here) the idea of those who are afraid of being outdoors-those who are exiled within their own house due to outside dangers.( I hope I haven’t too seriously misinterpreted here.). In any case the show opens on the 27th of this month, and the two are trying to scare up funds to go. The work can be sent digitally; we haven’t yet been able to do the same with people. (give it time.) The show , which will open for 3 days, is also looking at the possibility of opening in other locations around the globe in the future.
One way of getting funds to the two might be downloading Leon’s book Soy Solo Palabras, but I wish to be a City ebook, available for 5 bucks at Unlikely stories.org

Sidebyside studio is a prime example of the internationalization of art. The founder, I- Wei Li, was born in Thailand, raised in Canada, attended University in London and opened the Studio in Berlin a few years ago.
In the same international vein, the London Frieze art fair announced its exhibitors for its annual October show this past week, and among the huge number of international galleries in the list of 173 exhibitors are Mexico based Kurimanzutto, Revolver Galeria from Peru and  Brazilian based Galeria Luisa Strina and A Gentil Carioca. among others
All of this  points to the continuing recognition Latin American galleries are receiving globally. Of course, it must also be noted that these galleries do not restrict themselves to artists from the Countries where they are based, nor do the artists, some of whom work collaboratively with artists from other countries, necessarily concern themselves with art reflecting their country of origin. It seems scarcely worth mentioning the fact that artists are showing and working internationally, but there  could be a separate post, or book, on what it means for the world of  art in which that which is produced has little or no relation to the place in which it is made, but which reflects the fact that artists, like the rest of us, are citizens of the world, and reflect trends and concerns found globally rather than locally. Nevertheless, Latin American artists have for a very long time been treated as emerging and the increasing recognition from galleries and museums means that their work might at last be valued in accordance with their peers.  -david sokolec


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