Century look at Latin American confrontation

A recently opened show in Mexico city looks at artistic confrontation in Latin America for most of the last 100 years. Called Crisisss America Latina-Arte y Confrontation 1919-2010, it shows some 200 works jn the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the ex-Teresa Arte Actual. Curated by Havana Biennial founder Gerardo Mosquera, it looks at  works that stand out for their “confrontational and socially transgressive character.”
Featuring a wide variety of formats including sound, video, in addition to painting,  it comes from a wide variety of  international private and public collections. I noticed that video artist Regina Jose Galinda is included. some of you may recall her show at the Rubin Center. I have never forgotten it. The exhibition has been opened since March and runs through June 11.

I also want to mention that at the Rubin Center there is, in addition to the recently hung juried student show,  a talk this Wednesday April 13th at 6 pm called “Slanguage” given by West Coast artists Mario Ybarra,  Jr and Karla Diaz. They are co-founders of artist collective “Slanguage studio”.  More info on the talk at the Rubin Center website www.rubincenter.utep.edu.-david sokolec


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