Color y Palabra

I just wanted to write a short note about the exhibition currently on offer at the Museo de Arqueologia in the Chamizal in Juarez. As part of a month long celebration of Women’s History month, the museum is featuring the work of the collectiva Mujeres en la Cultura

Featuring a variety of formats and techniques, but mostly work on canvas, the show contains a variety of widely varying  visions of generally excellent quality. Beda Jaquez uses oil and newspaper cuttings collaged   to create a female nude in “Mas que mil palabres” (More than a thousand words).  This is a by now familiar technique, but through muted colors, Jacques has created a highly effective piece. I also liked Martha Lagarrota’s “Memorias de Octubre”, which also featured muted ochres and winged chairs and ravens in a haunting piece evoking loneliness, perhaps or loss.
I was also impressed with Xithali Trevino’s Del ojos de una luna” and works by Erika Ortagon, and Cecilia Briones among others.
The exhibition shows what might be viewed as a classical form of contemporary art; working with traditional materials like oil and encaustic and using figurative forms, or abstract to express a personal vision. The show will hang during the month of March.-david sokolec


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