Galleria Urbana makes a spectacle of itself

Galleria Urbana, the outdoor art project of UACJ has, since its inception, presented an eclectic series of thematic projects since its beginning a few years ago. This time theare showing blowups of photographs highlighting famous people and spectacles of various kinds. The photos are mostly from the 50’s and in some cases much earlier showcasing circuses, car ralleys, lucha libre , and from 1907 a balloon a la Round the World in 80 days. Stretched along the fences at Henry Durant and Lopez Mateo by the Red Cross, the photos are mostly form Casasola studios and are a great delight and surprise.

I was going to write about the Border Biennale exhibit at the El Paso art museum and the Centro Curtural Paso del Norte, but I don’t have the strength. Although they were supposed to open at the same time in both places, various delays meant that the exhibit in Juarez opened only a few days before the El Paso exhibit closed. Once I saw the Juarez side I found myself more interested in the gallery spaces than the show. There has been a lot of art work recently which incorporates within itself the relation of the viewer to the artwork. These two spaces which showed work by the same artists seemed as much about curating space as art. In the CCPN the more intimate space somehow made the art seem more thematically unified than in the much larger EPMA, where the art along the walls seemed dwarfed by the much larger free standing  installations. The fact that there was really no room for those installations in the CCPN, gave the work a much different feel, and therefore the whole show an entirely different feel than that experienced in the El Paso museum of Art. An interesting exploration on the importance of space to the whole enterprise. -david sokolec



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