Sebastian 45 foot sculpture at Santa Febridge

I learned yesterday that El Paso is getting a 45 foot white sculpture by internationally renowned Mexican sculptor Enrique Carbajal better known as Sebastian. The sculpture called aguacero (waterfall) is to be installed at the foot of the Santa Fe bridge in front of what will be the new Immigration building currently being constructed there.
This was a commission from the Public Arts program, part of the city´s Museum and Cultural Affairs department, and is really something of a coup for the city. Sebastian, who was born in Chihuahua, but currently lives in Mexico City has massive sculptures installed nearly everywhere, it seems, from Japan to Chile, and I believe he even has his own museum. His works both large and small are abstract, geometrical, and reflect his interest in mathematics as well as sculpture.
I haven´t confirmed if it has been delivered, but the plan was for it to have arrived last night, and then be trucked over today. It is then supposed to be installed in the next little while. The idea of the sculpture is apparently also to evoke thoughts of summer monsoons in the desert as well as a waterfall. In any case, it should be an extremely arresting piece at an extraordinary place for not only those entering and leaving the country, but given its size should be seen by many on both sides of the border from a great distance. david sokolec


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