Juarez violence spurs art in London and DF

Last week The Art Newspaper reports on a newly opened show in London by 200 artists who each tried to make portraits of one missing woman from Juarez.  The article quotes Pauline Rego giving the number of murdered women at 3,000, which is grossly exaggerated (that number would be more like the number of people so far murdered here this year), and since the idea for the project started, there has been an explosion of violence against everyone, but nevertheless it seems a thoughful concept bringing attention to an element of part of a fairly alarming situation.
In Mexico City, at the Museo de arte  Carillo Gil, there is also a show about violence towards women including traditional male dominance, the dark side of maquilas and globablization, etc.. Produced by El Palacio Negro, these artists, all of whom are male, spent a year here in Juarez working and observing and talking to women as they went about their work in all different sorts of arenas. Called Proyect Juarez, they have also set up a tumblr site where Juarenses load photos of any aspect of daily life. david sokolec


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