Please Touch

Just wanted to write a little something about the show currently on exhibit at the Museo de arte here in Juarez. Sculptor Jorge Marin has put on a show called De Alas y Hombre (Of wings and man) which is called a tactile installation.

Jorge Marin Sculpture

The museum has made masks for people to put on and then to let them be guided around the exhibit to touch the sculptors prior to actually seeing them. they are then encouraged to write down their impressions.

The bronze sculptures play with mythical type figures delicately balanced on balls or on rocking spaces. Often wearing sharply pointed masks and wings, Marin is not only playing with volume and tension, but he is also concerned with the blind and with those unfamilair with visual arts. He wants to encourage tactile exploration. in

addition, the masks on the sculptures are designed to hide the individual personalities so one is left with the purely physical; the geometric and the exact mathematical configuration and balance allowing the acrobats and gymnasts to balance precariously in air.

It is worth noting that the brochure handed out is also written in braille.-david sokolec


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