Impressive photo shows at Centennial Museum

Two shows currently on display at the Centennial Museum on UTEP’s campus are in one case impressive and in the other inspirational.
“From Above: Images of a storied land ” features large scale photos taken by Adriel Heisel from a low-flying airplane. He apparently flies his plane   himself by taping his leg to the control stick leaving both hands free to take his photos. This also means he doesn’t have to tell a pilot where to fly, but can spontaneously swoop and dive at will.
These photos are mostly from the Navajo Nation, Hopi land and  a variety of other sites from Western Mew Mexico and Arizona as well as the Sonoran desrt. Flying low over ruins from Chaco Canyon and Puye cliffs as well as over various large formation glyphs gives form and pattern not immediately evident from an on the ground view. This exhibition which comes from the Center for Desert Archaeology in Tucson contains amazing detail and some breathtaking views.
The other exhibition called Picturing grassroots development celebrates forty years of the Inter-American Foundation which invests in grassroots development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The photos of people involved in and benefitting from these projects are sweer and joyful, but it is even more inspiring to read about the projects involved. whether helping to preserve traditional cultures at the same time providing income for impoverished villagers or helping to create cottage industries this organization appears to be doing vital and extraordinary work. The photos attest to their good deeds and after viewing and reading about these projects one of the immediate questions is where can one sign up-david sokolec



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