Bikinis, lowriders and Chalk-MCAD Knows Culture

So maybe in Juarez we are being treated to international stars like Sarah Brightman, Concha Buika, opera, theater,dance,  accomplished international writers and amazing performers from all over the world for the next few weeks, MCAD on its limited budget is also providing cultural treats.
Last year was the first year for Chalk the block and the combination of music and watching artists chalk up small quadrants of the plaza by the Art museum proved a lot of fun, so this year they have gone all out and are running it for three days beginning this Friday night and running through Sunday. In addition to watching artists draw, there will be inflatable art sculptures called “lighter than air” in different locations including San Jacinto Plaza, Cleveland square as well as by the EPMA. There will also be a KIDZONE, skatepark, face painting and music by a wide variety of groups. All of these eventas are free and should be a great way to spend the weekend.

This Thursday night, the El Paso museum of Art is opening their show the bikini model and the builder featuring Liz Cohen’s exploration of lowrider culture in Phoenix and her self transformation into not only a builder of a lowrider car, but also into the sort of lowrider magazine pinup model that makes some of us buy the magazine. In conjunction with this there will be a dislplay of lowrider cars outside and the third Thursday will feature a rockabilly theme.

Who needs Tosca, Carmen and international stars when you can get down with homies from  da hood.-david sokolec

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2 Responses to “Bikinis, lowriders and Chalk-MCAD Knows Culture”

  1. gallery owner Says:

    this is the worst writing i have ever seen in my life! you can’t even write correctly in Spanish. you are so negative on the arts scene. what the hell are you doing to improve it? i hope this blog disappears into thin air. it stinks


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