Worldwide Photo walk in Juarez

last July 18th was the second annual photowalk organized by Scott Kelby, who is, among other things, an author of a book on adobe lightroom. It seems he began this event which asks photofraphers all over the world to take photos of their own city. Thousands of photgraphers all over the world took part, and Juarez photographers took part taking their cameras to the city center. Their work can be seen through the end of this month at an exhibiti in the Centro Municipal de Artes .Some interesting photos in a photographically fascinating area.

My only question is how come El Paso didn’t do anything for this. How come Juarez often participates in internationally organized events like International women’s day or International Indigenous day and El Paso remains wrapped in its own provincialism?

In any case, go take a look if you are in the area. CEMA is the building behind the cathedral. -d sokolec

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One Response to “Worldwide Photo walk in Juarez”

  1. Pelos Briseno Says:

    Thanks again for covering the events in Juarez.
    I was the leader of the walk in Juarez, and I can tell you that it was a great experience, and that there are some really great photos in the exhibition.

    Also, you might want to go to the Chamizal Museum. There’s another show there, called Magnus with only Macro photos… but very interesting macro ones.



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