From Tarahumara land with Love

Just wanted to make a quick mention of Ogla (Yes, that’s the correct spelling) Liset Olivas’ show Serrana at the Arturo Tolantino library by Parque Borunda in Juarez.

A few years ago one winter, Ogla went to explore and photograph the lives of Tarahumara (raramuri) people, and thse photographs are the result. They are more document than artful and, as always, the children win out. Her portraits of young Raramuri gilrls are wonderful, particularly appealing is one of a girl who is holding out what seems to be  her  wounded foot, which also seems to be a concern for an inquisitive, watchful family dog.

Close observation of another somewhat too dark interior reveals that no home is too small not to include  tchotchkes on a shelf.     David Sokolec


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