You lookin at Me-Damasco at Chamizal

There are two ambitious artists currently on view at the Museo de Archaeologia at Chamizal in juarez. Both have fairly ambitious philosophical or psychological undepinnings to their work.
In the first room, Miroslava Basaldua Flores has an installation called Entre Jacarandas y Sena concerning itself with pre-consciousness. It seems he is trying to recreate the feeling of what happens before we are fully aware; of what happens just at the point when we are beginning to think or sense. There are large nets encicling the room, and a series of small out of focus photographs showing someone appearing to be just on the verge of waking up. There is a small net box containing a piece of rotted fruit and cuaght in another area some crude sketches. Again the idea seeimingly to appeal to all of our senses on a primeval pre-conscious level.
Entre Jacaranda y Sena

Entre Jacaranda y Sena  installation by Miroslava Flores

#8In the main gallery space, Arturo Damasco is concerned with how we objectify images as well as each other;  how we manipulate images to create the other, and in turn often become objects of the other. His show Objetos de Arena shows images which could be taken from fashion-these are doubled, rotated twisted.  As a

#14 by Arturo Damasco. (Yes, this is the correct view)

viewer perhaps we objectify and as viewed by the other we become another’s perceptions.

Fairly ambitious undertaking and here providing evocative images. Show is up only until June 3rd.-David Sokolec


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One Response to “You lookin at Me-Damasco at Chamizal”

  1. wesos Says:

    me parecio una buena exposicion…..sencilla pero creativa y relajante…..espero que mas personassigan sigan sus instintos y pasiones y las reflejen de la manera que mas les gusta…..


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