Embezzlement at EPMA-Say it ain’t so, Rosy

I’ve been a bit depressed over the weekend by news that over $125,000 was apparently embezzled from the El Paso Museum of Art Foundation and the Museum.  As reported by David Crowder at Newspaper Tree, Executive Secretary Rosy Buennning stole the money over a period of several years
What is particularly depressing about this is that Rosy is one of those people who seem like your favorite aunt-this seems so out of character that it is hard to accept.
Of course, a variety of questions immediately present themselves, like how was this accomplished, what internal auditing systems are there to prevent this sort of thing from occurring, did she also embezzle while in other city departments, and if not what made her start,  and why was she allowed to resign  rather than being fired outright. I’m also a little puzzled why other media haven’t picked up on this. But mainly I am saddened not only by the loss, which comes at a time the museum can hardly afford such a thing, but also by the apparent betrayal of trust by someone from whom one expected something so very different.  Very sad-david sokolec


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