El Paso art events-Jan 18-25

There are some great events this week, but they all seem to be on Thursday. Fortunately, two of them are in the same place.
At the Ruben Center, as has been much written about is the opening of Equilibrium-Body as Site- art from 19 international artists who explore what might be called jewelry opens. (Didn’t we have a show on this theme several years ago at the same venue?) There are 58 pieces to be presented by carefully selected contemporary artists.
What I am equally looking forward to is a show at the downstairs gallery called Battleground-Regina José Galindo and Tania Candian. Both these artists, one from Mexico and the other from Guatemala explore the “wave of both domestic and public violence” taking place everywhere. There will be a performance by these artists at 6 pm and there is apparently also going to be a link to students at the University in Juarez if the technology works, so they will also be a part of the exhibition.
Both of these shows are from 5-8 at the Ruben Center.

Also Thursday night there is a meeting of community organizers, etc to explore housing for artists downtown. This is at the Plaza (Philanthropy) theater at 6:30 pm. It involves the Border Art Residency, and a variety of other national and local organizations.
David Sokolec


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