Great theater in Juarez

If you like theater and if you speak Spanish, this week provides a fantastic opportunity to indulge. Since last Friday, and until the 15th, the 29 international Theater festival has been entertaining audiences with great plays, roundtables and classes. This festival brings together theater troupes from all over Mexico and is the first time it has ever come to Juarez. The productions range from traditional to experimental and the few I have seen so far have been superb. Amazingly all events are free. Most of the performancves are at the new Cultural Center Paso del Norte (

Even if you do not see any of the plays, you should go see the display of theatrical costumes over at the ex-aduana. Every four years the city of Prague holdsw a prestigious festival of set designs and costume designs. Companies from all over the world compete, and last year Mexico received 7 gold medals. These are on display as well as other designers who have won in other contests. It is set up to show not only the costumes, but also a video of the plays, and how the set looked, along with music. An inspiring show.-david sokolec


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