El Paso Juarez art events Nov 10-16

Here are some art events going on here.

Wednesday Nov 12. 

at EPMA Assistant curator will give a zip tour of the current Karen Appel exdhibit called Cats. 

Half hour tour beginning at 12:15.

Thursday Nov 13

Black Market will host what promises to be an exciting show of women visual and performing artists. The performances  start at 9 . 110 Robinson

Sunday Nov 16

Opening of from Blake to Kahlo to Warhol (Sounds like a baseball play to me). This is an exhibition of 14 major painters including Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, William Blake, e.e. cummings (Didn’t know he painted) among others selected from the Harry Ransom Research Center at UT Austin.. There will be a free lecture by Peter Mears, Associate Curator and Department Head of the Art Collection at the Center. The lecture, at 2 pm is free, but the exhibition is a  paid exhibition for all except members and unlike previous such shows there will be no free days with the exception of a zip tour which will be held a week from this Wednesday on the 16th to be led by Curator Christian Gerstheimer. 

Continuing. In conjunction with the National Theater festival going on in Juarez, there is an extraordinary displays of costume and set designs by the Mexican gold medal winners at the Prague Quadriennial last year among others. A beautiful show which just opened yesterday at the ex-aduana museum.

David Sokolec


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