How to name a Coffee size

This has nothing to do with art other than perhaps the art of living, but when the S&L cafe opened (see previous post), I noticed that they named their sizes of coffee, St Sofia and St Lucia. I wondered why-what was it about these two saints that would cause one to be considered larger, and was there about to be a celestial snit about it all. I asked various people if they could explain why one might be considered taller than the other, and none knew. The other day I was back at the cafe, and asked the owner. She pointed to her two small daughters playing side by side outside, and said “There is Santa Lucia and there is Santa Sophia.” 

Take that Starbucks.  david sokolec


One Response to “How to name a Coffee size”

  1. S&L Cafebrería Says:

    I liked much this commentary, congratulations. I am charmed with Ciudad Juárez and El Paso (remember Cormac McCarthy). It is a great news that spaces open themselves as S&L Cafebreria.


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