El Paso Juarez art events sept 8-14

Ongoing events in Jurez

This past weekend two shows opened in Juarez

Huellas Digitales by Ruben Olvera opened at INBA. I am going to try to write a small review of this show, but you should definitely yake a look at it, and Friday would be a good day. For reasons read on

Colleccion Habana photos of Cuba by Juan Carlos Dominguez opened Saturday night at Museo de Archaeologia in Chamizal. I haven’t had a chance to see this yet, but the few pictures I have seen make it look promising

Wednesday Sept 10

Zip tour of the recently installed show at EPMA of prints from the Blaffer collection. Christian Gerstheimer will give a tour of this show of 80 prints which explore the theme of artists looking at artists from the 1500’s to the 1800’s.  The half hour tour starts at 12:15

Friday: Sept 13

INBA opening a series of works by contemporary Brazilian artists. I haven’t seen the work but people at the museum tell me they are extraordinary. Of course they would, but this should be a superb show. 8 pm

Cultural Center in Juarez. Colectiva de pintores de Sinaloa. There is a long list of painters who will be represented. This opening is at 7 pm so you can fairly easily see both. 

Both of the above shows are part of the weeks long Chihuahua festival which began last week. There is going to be theater, and dance and music in addition to the visual arts. In Chihuahua City Placido Domingo is going to perform on Oct 1 as the closing performance. Many of the events are free and you really should try to take advantage. Today I had the privilege of hearing Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu speak. You would never know from our local El Paso media that the extraordinary woman was anywhere close to the border, and yet she spoke for roughly 40 minutes at a free conference very close by. There is a website detailing the events, though I have to say they put the wrong date in for the photo opening last Saturday, not Friday as they had it listed. there might be more things this week and I will put them up when I hear about them-david sokolec


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