Opening tonight in Juarez reminder

Just a reminder that Veronica Leiton is having what should be a wonderful opening tonight at the Cultural Center in Juarez. Called “Pa’ mi ciudad”, it is billed as a Leiton’s tribute to Juarez and to the people who live there.

Frankly, it could not come at a better time. Juarez is going through a very hard time right now, and yet people are making art, they are make plays and dance and trying to live their lives and Leiton, who exhibits internationally has come forward here at exctly the right time to make a tribute to a city somewhat under siege. According to reports in the magazine Juarez Life, the Chilean ambassador to Mexico will be in attendance at the opening. As to the time of the opening, I have two different times-some reports say 7:30 but the invitation says 8:00. Unlike openings in the US, most openings in Juarez have a specific opening time and ceremony.  Anyway, either 7:30 or 8 and if things run as usual, it might very well happen a bit later than either of these two. 

Unfortunately for those of us who cannot be in two places at once, over at INBA there is going to be a free dance performance, also at 8 tonight put on by a group of young dancers. Called De Puntoas y Otro Danzas, by Frontera ballet Independiente it will apparently include both ballet and contemporary classical dance. -David Sokolec



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