Chalk a blockers get another chance

Perhaps sensing that three days was not enough time for artists to figure out what they wanted to submit to the panel of unnamed judges in hopes of being picked to be allowed to chalk their drawing on a designated space this coming June 21, the powers that be over at MCAD have decreed that you have -wait for it-until this Friday to make your submission. This means offering your idea, qualifications, acceptance of attending a chalk drawing workshop etc. 

There are prizes associated with this, and I certainly do not want to dissuade anyone from taking part, but it does sound like something the Monty Python group would have decimated-the bureaucratic chalk drawing twit contest-fill out your idea in triplicate, no folding spindling or mutilating, please we must see those credentials, could you make a lovely something possibly from our own Kress collection a nice Madonna perhaps or a copy of that Cannaletto , ooh that would be so nice. 

This reads like the Bureau of Weight and Measures holds an art show. (Nothing against the nice creative people at the bureau of weights and measures) and of course there need to be guidelines, but you should at least give people time to think of something they might want to create. Of course, maybe the Public Arts people have all watched too much Runway Bravo-you must make a wedding dress using used dental floss by tomorrow morning-go. 

In any case, for all you chalking enthusiasts, and I know you are out there, you now have until Friday (May 30) to get in your application. -david sokolec


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