Juarez arte

I just received an e mail about a show opening this Thursday at the Centro Municipal de Artes at 7 pm.

Seis Grabadores; Una Vision Internacional de la estampa en Juarez. Essentially six engravers including Michel Angel Achig, Carles Mendez, Chi Chan Hcieg, Hortensia Minguez, Antonio Ochoa and Candido Valadez will present their vision of the Stamp. 

For those of you who have not fallen prey to the intense fear mongering propaganda which makes out Juarez to be some sort of battleground, this might be a good thing to go to, y por ustedes que vives en Juarez -va y disfrutarlo. Hay una vino de honor.

The invitation says it will start at 7 pm sharp. this is the only part about which I might question. The CMA is the old municpal palace located behind the Cathedral.-david sokolec


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