A stroll through violence

The other day I wrote a review of five women artists who had an exhbit at the ex-aduana museum in honor of International women’s day. One of the things I noticed was that none of the works addressed issues of violence against women or politics in the usual sense but focused on a variety of other issues. That afternoon I was over at the INBA museum on Juarez where I discovered Leobardo Alvarado’s installation Camino a museo en la violencia.
This outdoor piece also installed in honor of International Women’s day consists of a huge map of Juarez on an enormous white fabric. On the map are large magnets indiacting places where women have been murdered since 1995. You can walk ( barefoot, please) around the map and see the streets and numbers of murders.
This was originally supposed to also be placed outside the ex-aduana museum but apparently ran into some bureaucratic complications. But, as Leobardo points out perhaps INBA is actually a good place since the structural problems the building has been facing for the last 40 years echoes structural problems within Juarez society.
I’m noy sure what, if anything, it means that the only piece to directly address violence is made by a male-maybe it don’t mean nuthin, or maybe it has to do with the fact that I believe Alvarez is a student or at least goes back and forth to UTEP in El Paso. In any cased it is an ambitious and powerful piece which I actually almost missed simply because it is on the ground with no sign pointing to its existence.-david sokolec


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