Mazahuacholoskatopunk and Marquez at Bookstore

There are two interesting series of documentary photographs at the Bookstore in the Cultural Center in Juarez
Mazahuacholoskatopunk (Take that Google)search engine) is a series of photographs by Federico Gama of indigeneous and rural teenagers who have come to the city and adopted street punk looks as a survival mechanism. The idea here is to photograph them as if they are top models which means individual closeups printed on high gloss paper. It is a tribute of respect to these often marginalize youths who are trying to make their way in an unfamiliar environment. The photos are good but only really become fascinating when you realize ther background-the style, dress and ambience from which these young people emerged. It might have made for a somewhat more powerful series were there some pictures of the regional landscapes and styles that preceded their transformation into punk, urban citizens.
By the cafe, there are a large series of photographs documenting the life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Photos show him ffrom the age of two until today. This is in celebration of his 80th birthday, and the 40th year of publication of 100 years of solitude. There are pictures of him in Paris in the bad old cold days; pictures of him accepting the Nobel Prize. In addition there are various newspaper clippings among other memorabilia. A nice, cozy warm show.
I like this new bookstore, you can browze, sit on couches have a coffee at the cafe-a nice place. It is unfortunately apparently closed on Sundays.-David Sokolec

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One Response to “Mazahuacholoskatopunk and Marquez at Bookstore”

  1. C-Monster Says:

    hey… is this show still up? until when is it on?


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