Innocence at Adair Margo

I think many people in this country have a tendency to equate innocence with bliss or happiness so that when one thinks of innocent children one imagines happy faces.There is however another more profound meaning for innocence, and that is an innocence of soul which does not preclude being witness to some very sad things. I bring all of this up because Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak’s haunting paintings of children from the Ukraine at Adair Margo force one to look deeper at the idea of innnocence. These children are vulnerable, but seem to have borne witness to something very deep, often very troubling and yet retain a purity that attends an innocent -an uncorrupted- soul.
Downstairs are some astounding photogra[hs by Joel Salcido. These vintage washed large photographs of Spain are not memorable simply for the image, but for the artistry in the printing which illustrates how photography can be lifted from the banal into the far more heady world of pure art.-David Sokolec


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